Comprehensive Professional Services

At IDS Systems, we offer a broad array of services to expertly match our clients’ needs. We take a client-centric approach that enables greater flexibility, which allows IDS Systems to work with organizations of all sizes and assist with their IT, systems integration, and data analytics needs.

All services include expert consultation with members of our Professional Services team, including an IDS Project Manager, Technology Architect, and one or more Systems Engineers. We work to effectively deploy resources on your behalf to ensure your objectives and deadlines are met and respected.

Comprehensive Professional Services

IDS Systems Services

Expert IT Advisory

Engage IDS Systems for expert technology planning services, and make the most of your organization’s investment into its IT resources. We provide cutting-edge consultancy that is totally customized to your organization’s unique situation, ensuring your resources and infrastructure can handle what you need them to.

Systems Integration

The highly skilled team at IDS Systems works with you to develop and integrate those systems and applications that enhance and support your organization’s performance. Our long-standing expertise and experience in IT advisory ensure you’re always in good hands.

IT Fulfillment

Meet your organization’s strategic IT needs with product and service recommendations based around your organization’s specific needs and goals. We work with a variety of brands and make recommendations based on your individual circumstances, from cloud services to always-on hardware and software solutions.

Unbiased Technology Service Providers

We pride ourselves on offering our clients objective advice. IDS Systems is an unbiased technology service provider that works to address the root of your system problems with tact and professionalism.

We provide enterprise-caliber technology consulting services to support both IT infrastructures and data centres.

To ensure maximum ROI for our clients, we offer services to assist in the three stages of the IT lifecycle:

  • Planning – We identify appropriate technologies and strategies to address your organization’s challenges while assessing current capabilities and future needs;
  • Building – We implement new systems or migrate your data to a new system
  • Operating – We help ensure your organization achieves optimal operational efficiency once a solution is implemented, training and coordinating as needed.