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Developing proactive approaches to any business is a key challenge facing a diversity of industries today. Managed analytics and business intelligence allow you to anticipate where your business is going with data-informed insights, instead of focusing on where it’s been. IDS Systems’ managed data analytics services provides your organization a way to consolidate disparate sources of data, presenting it clearly to shift the focus from hindsight to insight.

Proven Methodology

IDS Systems’ approach to providing effective managed analytics insight comprises three key phases:


Our team identifies key business outcomes and requirements, using supporting data to measure and identify KPIs. We dive deep to provide a detailed understanding of the processes behind your organization’s data generation.


Once identified, we transform disparate information into proper data models, integrating multiple data sources and automating the data flow for effective and understandable use.

Continuous Advantage

We develop clear visualizations for your data, incorporating effective forecasting to help you identify potential improvements, trends, and other insights to ensure you’re able to act on your data.

Predictive and Proactive Business Insights

Take control of your data and find a competitive advantage through managed analytics solutions. Our managed analytics services give your organization a way to transform data into knowledge you can act on, keeping your focus forward on where your business is going and what you can to do to capitalize on trends and patterns.

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