Expert Technology Planning Services

Executive management expects IT Operations to reduce staff and budget expenditures, yet the demands placed on technology are increasing as quickly as its complexity. Sound familiar?

Organizations invest incredible amounts of capital and energy into their technology infrastructure, but without proper planning, these investments will fail to realize their maximum potential. Strategic technology plans are essential but difficult to create and assemble—especially when the technology industry continues to evolve at such a fast pace. The creation of strategic enlightened technology plans is an IDS Systems specialty that we’ve built a leading reputation in.

IDS Systems employs several senior resources specifically experienced in the development of technology plans for entire infrastructures as well as those that address specific technology areas.

Focused areas of expertise include:

  • Storage
  • Data centre facilities
  • Disaster recovery and business continuance
  • Cloud and hosted service adoption
  • BYOD plans

The unique priorities that every organization has are used to design solutions that enable the use of Information Technology as a strategic resource. Plans are not focused on specific vendor technologies; however, our extensive knowledge of vendor roadmaps and capabilities provide insights that maximize investments to achieve previously unattainable results.

Our ability to interpret technology, its evolution, and its business applications allow you to leverage it to its maximum effectiveness while realizing excellent cost-benefits.

Range of Solution Offerings

  • IT Strategic Plans: Typically three year plans with a vision to a five-year horizon, these address the entire business of IT within the organization. They allow organizations to create financial plans that are proactive while remaining agile and reacting quickly to changing market conditions and influencers.
  • Data Centre Strategies: With the influence of the Cloud, hosted solutions, increasing hardware densities due to virtualization and exploding storage requirements, facilities supporting technology are different today and they continue to evolve. IDS Systems has experience planning data centres for organizations ranging from the SMB to very large enterprises.
  • Strategic Storage Plans: One of IDS’ primary areas of expertise is its advanced insight into the storage industry and its ability to maximize resources that previously failed to satisfy the demands of the organization. Of all areas in the data centre, this one normally provides the largest opportunity for financial savings and functional improvement.

Our strategic engagements involve highly experienced resources from our Enterprise Consulting team. Formal methodologies tailor activities to the client’s unique requirements, challenges and existing investments. They identify the goals of the organization, its position in its industry and technology’s role in facilitating its mandate. Plans are meaningful, achievable and measurable. Often, they are used to establish procurement strategies, and can be technology independent or based on existing investments. Our team’s experience from both an operational and a managerial standpoint ensure that recommendations are practical and tailored to the client organization.

Comprehensive Professional Services Offerings

IDS Systems’ Enterprise Services organization offers a broad array of services. Based on a client-centric flexible approach, organizations of all sizes can acquire these services precisely when they are required. All engagements involve the deployment of IDS’ Professional Services team. Each highly skilled member possesses the knowledge and experience to effectively meet client needs. Team members may include an IDS Project Manager, Technology Architects and one or more Systems Engineers. Resources are deployed as required throughout the engagement to ensure that project objectives and deadlines are met.

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