Understanding the importance of network security and your business.

How to Protect Your Enterprise Network from Data Breaches and Losses So You Can Keep Business Running Smoothly

It doesn’t matter if your business is large, or small, prioritizing efforts to protect your company data is crucial. Disasters and malicious threats are always a possibility and can completely wipe out important data, or compromise sensitive data, which will ultimately hurt your business. Along with the data, you will risk losing time, productivity, clients, and customers. And all of these losses will add up over time to put a huge dent in your profits.

So to protect your network data, you need a reliable and secure network with efficient backup and recovery. This will help you avoid major data losses and sensitive data breaches that can ruin a business.

Here’s a look at why it is so important to have a complete network security solution for your business.

Network Security Risks

When a company’s network is compromised by malicious attacks or disasters—such as floods and fires—the amount of losses and costs can add up and hurt business. Here are some of the risks of ineffective network security.

Loss of Critical Data

Without a network security solution, your business is at risk of losing critical data. A disaster or a malicious attack on your enterprise network can lead to the loss of large amounts of data. This critical data will be lost forever, hurting your business and making it difficult for it to recover quickly.

Compliance Violations

Enterprise networks that don’t have the right security measures may result in violations of compliance regulations set by the government. This can lead to large fines that severely affect company’s profits, along with the risk of other financial losses from losing sensitive data.

Loss of Clients

Your company’s reputation will be damaged if customers, clients, and stakeholders find out that sensitive data has been leaked, stolen, or lost, especially if it’s private customer data. Once your reputation for being a reliable, secure company is tarnished by a data breach, it will be difficult to gain and retain customers.

Added Costs

You will also have to invest in new network infrastructure if the existing network equipment is damaged from a malicious attack or a disaster. Your company may have to start from scratch financially if there are many fines to pay, customers to recover, and replacement technologies to invest in.

Network Security Solutions

A comprehensive network security solution will protect your data from breaches and loss, keeping your company secure, working efficiently, and protecting both your assets and your clients’ sensitive information.

Protect Sensitive Data

Information stored on company computer networks can be as much of an asset as tangible company assets. This information is valuable, sensitive, and should be protected for the security of the company and clients. Network security solutions maintain the protection and safe access of sensitive, confidential company information.

Backup Data & Disaster Recovery

A secure network solution will store data in both onsite data centers and virtual data centers. This enables data recovery during both small events that affect a server and large events that affect an entire server room. If any of your servers are down, the data is still stored securely elsewhere, and is accessible to ensure that your business operations and productivity aren’t interrupted during repairs.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your data. Your company data is essential for business operations. And you want to maintain a reputation for being reliable with clients’ and customers’ sensitive information. Network infrastructure and security threats can happen at any time, so it’s better to air on the side of safety and protect your data with complete network security solutions.