IDS has completed numerous authorizations to participate with the Federal Government of Canada’s NMSO offerings for storage and microcomputer offerings effective today. Having consulted on Federal Government departmental and agency storage and enterprise technology infrastructures for the past decade, IDS is now able to fulfill those solutions as well. Certified and having access to a number of product vendors, IDS is not taking the role of a traditional reseller in this market, but is providing this capability to augment its professional services capabilities. This relationship with numerous vendors enhances the relationship and access to technical resources from the vendors directly, making IDS technical and technology staff even more effective and efficient at their tasks. Strategic knowledge of product lines will also enhance the architecture consulting capabilities of IDS. Accutely tuned to customer needs and technology capabilities and applicability, IDS can now recommend, fulfill and/or implement solutions of the most complex nature. IDS will continue in its path to facilitate other resellers with providing technical delivery and architecture capabilities, as it has done in the past – providing increased benefit to its reseller partners as well.