IDS Systems provides reliable and comprehensive technology solutions that allow organizations to leverage technology as a strategic asset. In order to facilitate the implementation and support of those, IDS maintains several solutions that are indispensable to the modern technology-enabled operation.

IDS DataGuard™ is a comprehensive solution that provides backup and recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery capability in an unprecedented packaging model. As a hybrid cloud-provisioned solution, IDS DataGuard™ is a fully featured solution that replaces the majority of backup solutions that are currently deployed in most environments. It is an appliance-based solution that leverages cloud and virtualization capabilities, allowing the organization to completely eliminate tape-based backups.


Disaster Recovery

Backup and Recovery

A simple and straightforward on and off-site backup solution for the small to medium-sized market. The solution stores data locally on the appliance and uses powerful deduplication and compression to synchronize data offsite to Canadian data centres. It provides on-site availability with redundant off-site backups.

No need to discard investments already made. No backup software? No problem. IDS DataGuard™ can provide a complete solution by itself or used with existing software. In fact, you could simply deploy the device as a network attached drive and it will protect itself and the data you place on it.

With local and remote copies of data, smaller events that impact a single server or larger ones that affect the entire server room are easily handled.

Disaster Recovery
and Business Continuity

Embedded virtualization technology permits a failed server to be immediately redeployed right on the backup appliance, while the original server is being repaired.

Cloud-based virtualization of the backed up data allow the entire server room to be reconstructed in minutes on secure cloud-provisioned virtual servers. While you deal with the events at hand, your organization continues to be effective.

Eliminates Tape Backups

No tape drive – all data is stored on hard disk, so there is no media to swap – ever.

Appliances range in size from 250 GB to 120 TB. With compression and deduplication, allows for individual backups of up to 1 PB. Deduplication and compression allows achievement of up to 40X compression rates.

Bare metal restores are available for Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Servers – along with all of their data.

Fully Managed

Local and off-site backups are totally automated. Even if the appliance is tuned off, your environment is safe and accessible. Our staffed operations centre is there to assist you around the clock.


Personnel Security

All IDS Systems staff are Canadian Federal Government security cleared to a minimum of Enhanced Reliability and most are cleared to the Secret level or higher. We conduct police background checks on our staff. IDS systems hires full time staff rather than subcontractors, and all responsibilities related to system monitoring and support is performed entirely by staff.

Corporate Security

IDS Systems is a Canadian Federal Government security cleared organization at the Secret level. We have implemented internal policies surrounding the safeguarding of information, and in particular client-related information. We also maintain a Canadian Federal Government facility clearance with document safeguarding and retention approval up to the Secret level. All data is maintained on corporate systems and never leaves Canadian borders.

Solution Security

All data that is transmitted and stored off site is encrypted using AES 256 + SSL key based encryption before transmission. Our Canadian cloud data centres are SAS70 Type II Certified – meeting all certifications required by AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board. Data centres are audited annually to ensure they maintain optimum standards of performance and security.

Customized Functionality Levels

Basic Protection

The basic protection level offered is IDS DataGuard™ off-site backup, 3-year warranty on hardware, technical support, no recovery fees, optional data replication capabilities, bare metal restores and high-performance compression and deduplication. Once you have purchased the appliance, you pay a minimal fee to provide ongoing capabilities and support. The service is priced based on the volume of data being protected. Alerts are provided via e-mail to designated addresses. Our Operations Support Team monitor the alerts to ensure proper operation. IDS personnel do not actively monitor the backup jobs; however, our resources may be engaged on an ad-hoc support basis. Support is offered on a best-effort basis during normal business hours.

Enhanced Protection

When the infrastructure being monitored is more critical, the Basic Protection service may be augmented to an Enhanced Protection level. Including all of the features of the Basic Protection, Enhanced Protection includes snapshots as well as on and off-site virtualization capabilities. Bare metal restores are included with this service level. Additionally, our monitoring tools escalate alerts to IDS’ internal operators for immediate action. They follow through directly with the client to inform them of the issues and ensure that they are being addressed. This service provides a first-line triage that ensures that the proper resources address the incident. Full incident tracking is provided until resolution is achieved. Incident ticketing is provided with this service level. Enhanced protection is billed in the same manner as is Base Protection with a slight premium to support the enhanced service level.

Solution Sizing

The IDS DataGuard™ solution is sized based on the volume of data to be protected. All but the very smallest solution is configured with RAID protected hard drives. The appliance is normally a small form-factor minitower enclosure or a 2U rack-mount server. All data connections are 1 or 10 Gb Ethernet, and starting at the 2 TB unit, include multiple data interfaces.

Cloud Technology Team

IDS Systems is a full service technology consulting organization. Our team of technical resources account for more than 90% of our staff, including personnel that are highly skilled in most technology products. Our affiliation and partnerships with strategic manufacturers and software vendors allows us to escalate issues rapidly and effectively.

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