Critical Systems Support Services
for Mid-Size Organizations

Consisting of comprehensive, ongoing enhanced support programs, IDS Systems’ Critical Systems Support services are ideal for public sector and enterprise IT organizations.

Suitable for mid-size organizations with mature IT infrastructure and support capabilities, our services provide on-demand and emergency response engineering capabilities. These services facilitate rapid, as-needed support of complex multi-vendor environments, delivering agile support and guidance to leverage your organization’s existing technology investments. Critical Systems Support is a monthly recurring service that is available to the client for a fixed contract duration.

Critical Systems Support

Standard Services

Rapid Response On-Site Technical Support

Following your request, IDS Systems dispatches a Systems Engineer to assess the situation. This is based on a predetermined 24-hour Service Level Agreement, ensuring you have access to resources as needed. While on-site, your assigned Systems Engineer works with manufacturer’s support as necessary to resolve critical issues, manage any escalations, and interface smoothly with IDS’ Technical Account Manager. This ensures the speedy and efficient resolution of outstanding issues, leading to increased productivity, even greater efficiencies, and potentially enhanced cost savings.

Personnel Transition Assistance

When new System Administrators are on boarded, IDS helps deliver efficient and effective training. Our team of Engineers also coordinate a comprehensive knowledge transfer to ensure necessary reviews, additions, and changes to system deployments are included for your new staff.

Annual Full Site Review

Consisting of a validation process for fully deployed supported systems, an on-site Engineer performs a health check and makes recommendations (where appropriate) for improvements. Your assigned Engineer will assess storage, networking, software agents and modules, configuration, and policies. Pertinent documentation is provided to reflect any changes to the production environment.

Regular Conference Call

Scheduled monthly or semi-monthly calls with IDS Systems’ Technical Account Manager facilitate smooth operations on an ongoing basis. This also allows for proactive issue resolution, identifying and correcting issues before they can escalate into larger problems. During these calls, future visits from the Systems Engineer are scheduled and confirmed.

Optional Support Services

Available as needed as part of your service package, IDS Systems offers a variety of additional services to better address your organization’s IT and system infrastructure and integration needs. These include:

  • Assessment and Design Services;
  • Upgrades, Additions, and Changes to Existing System Deployments;
  • Knowledge Transfer;

  • System Care Review;
  • Backup, Archival and Replication Optimization; and
  • Documentation Creation and Maintenance.

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