Cyber Attack Allows Hackers to Obtain Personal Health Information For 15 Million Canadians

Health Diagnostic Company Pays Ransom to Secure Data Stolen from Millions of Customers Canadian health diagnostics company LifeLabs is the latest company to learn a painful lesson in data security after being forced to pay hackers a hefty ransom in order to secure sensitive data stolen from nearly 15 million of its customers. LifeLabs recently […]

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Lessons Learned from Massive Ransomware Attack Against US Dental Clinics

Protecting Your Dental Practice Against a Ransomware Attack Approximately 400 dental practices across the United States recently made one of the worst possible discoveries – they learned of a crippling ransomware attack that left them without access to any patient charts, x-rays, and their practice’s schedule and payment ledger. As a result, they were unable […]

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What is Ransomware and How Can You Defend Against It?

Identifying Risks and Deploying Solutions to Mitigate and Minimize Cyberattack Risks The ubiquity of the term “ransomware” has resulted in a sort of tuning-out of the phrase. Many people simply lump it in with the broader category of malware and assume their anti-virus software or corporate firewall can handle this additional threat with little trouble. […]

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2018 Award of Excellence

He has repeatedly demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure our client success. He is a role model for his peers. Congratulations Christopher! The IDS Systems Award of Excellence is awarded to one employee who, over the course of the year, demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the […]

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