IT Manager’s Dilemma – I Already Have a Team…

In my job I get to speak to a lot of technology managers – Information Technology and Information Management directors, managers, and CIOs. There is often a common thread in those discussions, and I am going to lump many organizations and discussions into a fictitious manager in a fictitious organization that I will describe in […]

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The BYOD Generation

“Hold on, Daddy – I want to take a video of that!” my daughter shrieks as she grabs my mobile phone… next thing I know, it’s uploaded to Facebook, my wife has been updated on her Twitter account, and my son has already texted a picture taken on his phone, complete with location details, all […]

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Personal Clouds, Consumerization and the Post-PC era

I have a cloud. It allows me to do amazing things: access my files anywhere, e-mail videos or other large attachments that used to choke most e-mail systems, find my lost phone and share information with my friends. I subscribe to all of the services; Dropbox, YouSendIt,, Skydrive, iCloud and Google Docs to name […]

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Five Rules of Automating a virtual data center.

Matthew Dufresne Sr. System Engineer, Embotics Corporation So we’re all tired about talking about cloud. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where we’re tired about talking about how people are getting tired about talking about cloud! The reality is that for the most part, organizations have already passed the point of no return, and […]

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