Why Big Data Analytics Matter for Your Company

How Analytics Can Help You Use Big Data to Your Advantage Big data is called big for a reason. It refers to the large amount of user-information collected from digital technologies. And as the development and availability of technologies grow, and millions of devices are used, this collection of data will continue to grow. If […]

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What is System Infrastructure and Integration?

An Overview of the Terminology and Definitions of IT Infrastructure and How it Helps Businesses Operate What exactly are system infrastructure and integration? Information technology (IT) infrastructure is built upon both physical and virtual components. These components support the infrastructure’s operations, storage, processing of data, and data analysis. Infrastructure can be centralized in a data […]

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IT Manager’s Dilemma – I Already Have a Team…

In my job I get to speak to a lot of technology managers – Information Technology and Information Management directors, managers, and CIOs. There is often a common thread in those discussions, and I am going to lump many organizations and discussions into a fictitious manager in a fictitious organization that I will describe in […]

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The BYOD Generation

“Hold on, Daddy – I want to take a video of that!” my daughter shrieks as she grabs my mobile phone… next thing I know, it’s uploaded to Facebook, my wife has been updated on her Twitter account, and my son has already texted a picture taken on his phone, complete with location details, all […]

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