What is Ransomware and How Can You Defend Against It?

Identifying Risks and Deploying Solutions to Mitigate and Minimize Cyberattack Risks The ubiquity of the term “ransomware” has resulted in a sort of tuning-out of the phrase. Many people simply lump it in with the broader category of malware and assume their anti-virus software or corporate firewall can handle this additional threat with little trouble. […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication: A Must-Have for Your Security

Implementing and Integrating A Second Layer of Security for Your IT Systems A significant number of data breaches are—unfortunately—completely avoidable. The culprit behind these breaches is often far more mundane than what the layperson would consider a “hack,” and is simply compromised authentication—a compromised password. The fact of the matter is that passwords frequently aren’t […]

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The True Cost of a Data Breach

How Common Are Data Breaches? What Risks Do They Pose? When we hear about data breaches and IT security failures in the news, they’re linked to large corporations and businesses. There’s often a feeling that these breaches occurred due to the size of the organization in question; they were big, obvious targets, so of course […]

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What to Do When IT Systems Go Down

Dealing With Disruptions to Your Network and Getting Back Up to Speed As Quickly As Possible Sometimes, despite best efforts, things do go wrong. Things break or someone makes a mistake; it’s inevitable. IT systems are no exception. Hardware failure, disaster, and human error are all unfortunately common issues for organizations of all sizes. Knowing […]

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