Personal Clouds, Consumerization and the Post-PC era

I have a cloud. It allows me to do amazing things: access my files anywhere, e-mail videos or other large attachments that used to choke most e-mail systems, find my lost phone and share information with my friends. I subscribe to all of the services; Dropbox, YouSendIt,, Skydrive, iCloud and Google Docs to name […]

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Five Rules of Automating a virtual data center.

Matthew Dufresne Sr. System Engineer, Embotics Corporation So we’re all tired about talking about cloud. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where we’re tired about talking about how people are getting tired about talking about cloud! The reality is that for the most part, organizations have already passed the point of no return, and […]

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How Troubled are Your Projects?

How do well do projects run in your organization?  Are they just trotting along happily or are there a number that are “troubled”? And, if they are indeed troubled, just how much are they actually costing your organization? There are many statistics available. PM Solutions Inc. conducted a survey in 2011, and in a list […]

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IDS Comments on Microsoft Office 365

(Reposted from IT in Canada, March 9, 2012) Regional SMBs Still Asking Questions about Cloud Migration Ottawa-based IDS Systems (IDS) has found some regional variation when it comes to migration to cloud. According to President and Chief Technology Architect of IT solutions provider, IDS Systems, small and medium sized businesses in major Canadian business hyper […]

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