Cyber Attack Allows Hackers to Obtain Personal Health Information For 15 Million Canadians

Health Diagnostic Company Pays Ransom to Secure Data Stolen from Millions of Customers Canadian health diagnostics company LifeLabs is the latest company to learn a painful lesson in data security after being forced to pay hackers a hefty ransom in order to secure sensitive data stolen from nearly 15 million of its customers. LifeLabs recently […]

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Maintaining IT Security in the Cloud

How to Offset the Security Risks of Cloud Computing As technology continues to rapidly change and evolve, more and more businesses and governments are shifting their workloads to the cloud. And for good reason. Not only does the cloud allow dynamically scalable storage, compute, and management, but it also provides unprecedented access to data and […]

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Business Continuity Through Virtual Environments

Why You Should Include Virtualization in Your Business Continuity Plan If a disaster struck your business tomorrow, would you be ready? If you have a strong, comprehensive business continuity plan and strategy in place, then the answer should be yes. If not, then you could be in for a rude awakening should a disastrous event […]

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Putting Disaster Recovery Plans into Action

How to Set Up a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business A disaster recovery plan is your business’ blueprint to stay open following a crisis. But a truer statement is that your DRP is so much more. A disaster recovery plan includes automated processes that are taken as soon as a disaster occurs. Business continuity […]

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