Effectively Protect Against Primary Causes of Data Loss

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American Power Conversion (APC) products protect against the primary causes of data loss: hardware damage and downtime. Since 1981, APC’s specialization in end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services has made them a leading provider of disaster recovery products, suitable for any disaster recovery plan.

APC’s products and services include:

  • surge suppressors
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • power conditioning equipment
  • power management software
  • DC power systems
  • precision cooling equipment

The APC Standard For Legendary Reliability™

APC’s comprehensive solutions are designed for corporate environments. They improve the manageability, availability, and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication, and industrial equipment of all sizes.

InfraStruXure On-Demand Architectures

APC’s InfraStruXure is on-demand architecture. The InfraStruXure design integrates power, cooling, rack, management, security, and services, allowing the selection of standardized, modular components to create a customized solution.

This standardization enables an easily scalable architecture designed to meet changing needs and future expansion. APC’s patent-pending approach provides increased availability, improved adaptability, and speed of deployment as well as a lowered total cost of ownership for IT environments – from wiring closets to computer rooms to data centers.

Key Application Areas

APC’s efforts are focused on four key application areas:

Home and Home Office

Business Networks

Access Provider Networks

Data Centers and Facilities

Each application warrants customized efforts for individual products and solutions, but all are united by a common theme: high availability is increasingly essential.

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